Truck toll to be extended in 2018

6 June 2018

The fourth amendment to the German Federal Trunk Road Toll Act (BFStrMG) has been in force since 31 March 2017. This has paved the way for expanding the toll to all federal trunk roads as of 1 July 2018.

The German government thereby aims to improve the financing of federal motorways and trunk roads and guarantee a modern, safe and efficient traffic infrastructure in Germany. For this reason, the user financing needs to be supported. The German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) contracted Toll Collect to lay the technical groundwork. With the extension, the federal toll system will grow to 40,000 kilometres of federal trunk road. Currently, a total of 15,000 kilometres of motorway and federal trunk road is subject to charge. And that applies to only one direction of travel for each road.



Aktuális híreink

New trucks arrived

16 November 2018

Quality replacement of our vehicle fleet continues. In October and November, another eleven brand new DAF XF Super Space Cab trucks arrived.


We take care of our environment

4 September 2018

We continue to support the work of the Hungarian Food Bank, donations have arrived in August.


The new warehouse is ready in November

18 July 2018

Construction proceeds as planned, the structural elements are standing by now.


K&V Ltd. is qualified again by Bisnode’s AAA (triple A) certifacte

13 July 2018

K&V Ltd.  has received Bisnode's AAA (triple A) certificate in 2018 again, which belongs to only 0.63% of the companies in Hungary and it indicates that the financial risk of establishing business relations with our company is extraordinarily low.


New tilt trailers started working

11 July 2018

Our fleet has been expanded last week with 5 brand new XL code safety standard tilt trailers, which performing our freight tasks secure and cost efficient on the roads of Europe. Operating with the new vehicles, our drivers can perform a much more effective way of road transportation to fulfil our partner’s unique demands.


Improving of the fleet continues

12 June 2018

We have already purchased 25 new trucks this year.