Improving of the fleet continues

12 June 2018

We have already purchased 25 new trucks this year.

We are continuously making efforts to control and improve those activities of ours that may affect the environment so as to minimise the negative effects. As a significant member of the transport market, we are aware of the basic requirements of being environment conscious. Our equipment necessary to perform our services is updated on a regular base, and our machine stock is permanently developed to be able to reduce emissions as much as possible. When implementing new investments and technological improvements, the possible environmental impacts and lifecycle of the equipment are always considered thoroughly. As a result five more brand new DAF trucks arrived at our site last week.



Aktuális híreink

The warehouse extension project is finished

10 January 2020

The building of the new warehouse section started in 2018 and came to an end in summer of 2019, the purchase of the new machines had been relized fully by the end of the year.


József Varga was awarded for the „Merit of Logistics”

6 March 2019

The honorable prize was given for the 30-year work of the co-founder and owner.


We ran for the win

29 January 2019

The K&V Logistic Solutions team received the trophy for the first place in the "Running Company" competition.


CSR Hungary Award 2018

12 December 2018

We could take over the Award of Hungarian Business Liability (CSR Hungary Award) at the headquarter of the Bank of Hungarian Foreign Trade on 30th November 2018. Dr. László György, the responsible secretary of state on economy strategy and regulation (Ministry of Innovation and Technology) opened the ceremonial awards festival and handed over the awards.


New trucks arrived

16 November 2018

Quality replacement of our vehicle fleet continues. In October and November, another eleven brand new DAF XF Super Space Cab trucks arrived.


We take care of our environment

4 September 2018

We continue to support the work of the Hungarian Food Bank, donations have arrived in August.